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Pan Pacifics 2023

2023 IBJJF Pan Pacific BJJ Competition is the biggest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition to be held in Australia.

The 3 day event starting Friday October 27th, hosted at the Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre, Melbourne, Australia, saw our Head Professor, Fabio Galeb enter the competition platform once again after a year off from competing.

The fruits of his hardwork yielded double gold for Galeb Brothers BJJ. We are proud of the example he's setting for his Team and those who look up to him.

Professor Sean from our Galeb Brothers BJJ Yatala also competed at Pan Pacs, whilst unsuccessful in medaling, we are proud of his efforts as we are sure he has learning to share with the team.

Kenny, competed at the Blue belt level and brought home gold in his weight division and bronze in absolute. Again, Galeb Brothers BJJ share the sentiment of celebration for such an achievement.

We see 3 different results but one heart. An example of the courage to test one's self and no matter the outcome, it's a win for the team as a whole, in inspiration, lessons and representation!

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