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BJJ & Rugby League

Ever wondered if BJJ benefits other sports that you also train in?

Many of our students train BJJ and another sport. Most popular is footy and BJJ combo due to Jiujitsu effectively aiding in refining certain rugby techniques.

Friday 22nd July, 2022, Marsden State High School Opens Rugby League Team and coaches attended an intense, fun and informative session hosted at our Galeb Brothers BJJ Southside Academy by Head Professor Fabio (Galeb Brothers BJJ) & Professor Paulo (Galeb Brothers BJJ Southside).

The students and coaches received pointers on how to hone their footy techniques using BJJ specific training.

We got to see the MSHS team smash out the drills in beast mode with great attention to detail and focus! No doubt they are a weapon on the field and we wish them all the best for the rest of the footy season!

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