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BJJ for Children and Teens

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a form of martial art that here at Galeb Brothers BJJ Southside we look at providing an environment for students as young as 4yrs old to help them grow in confidence, develop self awareness and self discipline whilst having fun with BJJ friends.

With classes allocated in Kids 1, Kids 2, Juniors 1, Juniors 2, Juniors 3 and this year introducing Junior Girls, we aim to instate a safe training environment for all age groups.

The benefits of BJJ for young minds and physical development is incomparable. Over the years we have watched students increase especially in their stride in self esteem. Some students have been training with us from a very young age and now well into their teens.

We look forward to their continued growth in the sport as individuals and as part of the Galeb Brothers BJJ Team. It brings us joy to observe such positive changes in our future generations 🤗

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