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2022 Australian National BJJ

August 20th and 21st, Australian BJJ Championships held in Melbourne saw our team rise with ambition and determination having being the year we would have the most numbers of competitors from our Galeb Academies register for the Nationals.

From our Galeb Brothers BJJ Southside alone, amongst the competitors, were 5 of our young team members chasing their goals and dreams.

With almost all our competitors medaling, to say we are proud is an understatement.

Grateful to all students, parents, families and friends for the support in preparations for, during and following the competition.

We greatly appreciate our Professors who also competed on the day/s setting the example for their students. A special mention to Professor Paulo who couldn’t compete but flew down to Melbourne in support of his students and the team as a whole. Leading by example, on and off the mats!

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